Complete list of Trollbeads that fit Pandora bracelets.

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Yup – we have it.  Tried and tested.    The following is a list of Trollbeads that will fit on a Pandora bracelet:


11106 Hydrangea/Hydrangée
11133 Dice/Dé
11146 Brew of the moor/Volutes de brume
11148 Cells/Cellules
11152 Cobra
11202 Angles tip/Angles et pointes
11214 Dolphins/Dauphins
11257 Origami
11258 Four Elements/Quatre éléments
11262 Forget-Me-Not/Myosotis
11263 The Midgard Serpent/Le serpent de Midgard
11264 Viking
11265 Fabled Faces/Visages légendaires
11306 Harmony/Harmonie
11310 Heart/Cœur
11320 Butterflies/Papillons
11321 Snails in love/Escargots amoureux
11330 Neither fish nor bird, big/Ni poisson ni oiseau, gros
11333 Team/Équipe
11334 Champion
11401 Waves/Vagues
11408 Thumbelina/Poucette
11409 Eight Faces/Huit visages
11413 Symbols/Symboles
11417 Chat/Clavardage
11425 Birdhouse/Nichoir
11430 Four Frogs, Big/Quatre grenouilles, grosse
11432 Jugend
11435 End of School/Fin de Classes
11436 Graduation/Fin des études
11437 Rolling Troll/Troll roulant
11438 Sweater
11439 Ball of Yarn
11440 Sun Circle
11441 Buttons
11442 Frames
11504 Rhinoceros/Rhinocéros
11508 Large Berry/Grosse baie
11509 Shortcut/Raccourci
11510 Scroll, big/Rouleau, gros
11516 Owl
21106 Hydrangea/Hydrangée
21146 Brew of the moor/Volutes de brume
21148 Cells/Cellules
21262 Forget Me Not, gold
21310 Heart/Cœur
21510 Scroll, big, gold/Grand rouleau de parchemin, or
21810 2+2
21814 Jugend
41810 2+2
41816 Daisy/Marguerite
51711 Troll w. gems/Troll et pierres fines
51713 Wisdom/Sagesse
51732 Triple Pearl, white/Triplé de perles blanches
51733 Triple Pearl, black/Triplé de perles noires
51734 Pure Passion
61710 Three Flowers silver/Trois Fleurs
61711 Winter Jewel, Big/Joyaux d’hiver, grosse
61712 Summer Jewel, Big/Joyaux d’été, grosse
61715 Valentine/Saint-Valentin
61716 The Seer/La voyante
61717 Winter/Hiver
61718 Spring/Printemps
61719 Summer/Été
61720 Autumn/Automne
61721 Baby Troll/Bébé troll
61722 Fairy
61723 Forget me Not w/Bud
81710 Three Flowers gold/Trois fleurs
81713 Wisdom, gold/Sagesse
11144A Letter/Perle A
11144B Letter/Perle B
11144C Letter/Perle C
11144D Letter/Perle D
11144E Letter/Perle E
11144F Letter/Perle F
11144G Letter/Perle G
11144H Letter/Perle H
11144I Letter/Perle I
11144J Letter/Perle J
11144K Letter/Perle K
11144L Letter/Perle L
11144M Letter/Perle M
11144N Letter/Perle N
11144O Letter/Perle O
11144P Letter/Perle P
11144Q Letter/Perle Q
11144R Letter/Perle R
11144S Letter/Perle S
11144T Letter/Perle T
11144U Letter/Perle U
11144V Letter/Perle V
11144W Letter/Perle W
11144X Letter/Perle X
11144Y Letter/Perle Y
11144Z Letter/Perle Z
11904B Drop, Black/Larme, Noire
11904N Drop, Pink/Larme, Rose
11904W Drop, White/Larme, Blanche
21144A Letter Bead gold, A/Perle A, or
21144B Letter Bead gold, B/ Perle B, or
21144C Letter Bead gold, C/Perle C, or
21144D Letter Bead gold, D/Perle D, or
21144E Letter Bead gold, E/Perle E, or
21144F Letter Bead gold, F/Perle F, or
21144G Letter Bead gold, G/Perle G, or
21144H Letter Bead gold, H/Perle H, or
21144I Letter Bead gold, I/Perle I, or
21144J Letter Bead gold, J/Perle J, or
21144K Letter Bead gold, K/Perle K, or
21144L Letter Bead gold, L/Perle L, or
21144M Letter Bead gold, M/Perle M, or
21144N Letter Bead gold, N/Perle N, or
21144O Letter Bead gold, O/Perle O, or
21144P Letter Bead gold, P/Perle P, or
21144Q Letter Bead gold, Q/Perle Q, or
21144R Letter Bead gold, R/Perle R, or
21144S Letter Bead gold, S/Perle S, or
21144T Letter Bead gold, T/Perle T, or
21144U Letter Bead gold, U/Perle U, or
21144V Letter Bead gold, V/Perle V, or
21144W Letter Bead gold, W/Perle W, or
21144X Letter Bead gold, X/Perle X, or
21144Y Letter Bead gold, Y/Perle Y, or
21144Z Letter Bead gold, Z/Perle Z, or

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  1. Britt says:

    HI! I love this list however some of the ID numbers seem to be different..for instance neither fish nor bird is now 11126. Since a lot of the names are a like is there any way you could put pictures of the beads? I would be EXTREMELY thankful.

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